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Frequently Asked Questions about Medifit Films.

What is Medifit Films?

Medifit Films provides platform for the persons who have talent in Lyrics writing, Singing and Music composition to prepare their own Music Album.

Medifit Films is basically a Music Production company. We Release Your Music Free of Cost.

Which languages content Medifit helps to prepare?

All languages, as Music have No Language Barrier.

Do Medifit Films purchase Lyrics from new Lyricist?

No. Medifit Films do not purchase Lyrics at all. We only prepare Music for lyrics and release it on Digital Platforms.

How Medifit Films helps fresh talents to prepare Music Albums?

Medifit Films Produce Music at very economical rates & release Music on all Major Digital Platforms, all over world.

Preparing good Music Album is not an easy job for Fresh talents like Lyrics writers, Singers and Music composers. Budget is very high and the professional management is not the work of fresh talents. Here, Medifit Films provides full-fledged professional management for Fresh talents to prepare and release their Music Album.

Which Music albums Medifit Films prepare? Audio or Video?

Medifit Films helps to prepare both Audio & Video albums. Video albums are more appreciated and catchy for audiences.

How are financials shared or managed for Music Album preparation?

Medifit Films provides 25 to 50 percent finance for Music Album preparation. Rest of the amount is shared by fresh and new artist who are willing to prepare Music Album. In some cases Medifit Films does not share any financials.

Where the albums are released after preparation?

Music albums are released on Online platforms like YouTube, Medifit Films website and circulated throughout India through Digital Marketing platform. All these are economical ways to release Music Albums prepared by Fresh talents.

Medifit will do distribution/ streaming of your Music on following platforms

  • Apple Music
  • Airline Video Streaming
  • Video Streaming
  • Fleet Cabs – Videos
  • Music Streaming Platforms
  • CRBT – Caller Tunes & VAS

Does Medifit Films help freshers or new artists to get Film Industry Association Membership?

Yes. Medifit Films helps fresh Lyric writers, Singers, Music composers and producers to get membership of respective Associations from Film Industry (Bollywood)