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Film Making 

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Medifit Films is providing following Film Making & Cinematography services

  • Feature Film Making
  • Music Videos
  • Short Film Making
  • Corporate Video Creation
  • Worldwide Music Distribution – 240 Countries
  • Fitness/ Bodybuilding/ Modeling Videos
  • Social Media – Videos
  • YouTube Videos

Film Production – Medifit Films

Why consider Video Production?

Well Written Content still holds value in today’s Digital Strategies, it is no longer sufficient to establish a strong brand presence. As the target consumer grows more and more impatient online, video content proves to be the most effective way of communication today. The engagement ratio and ROI – Return On Investment on video content have inspired Brands to invest a great deal in video content strategy.

Videos are a powerful storytelling tool that ensures high impact and maximum engagement. With the advent of new technological advancements in the field of the online search engine, today, Video Content SEO is just as effective as written content. Recent studies have shown that the global digital video content market has reached a value of $172 Billion by the year 2020 with the video content sales conversion rate rising to 81%. Whether you wish to build a personal brand or promote products and services, video content creation becomes a crucial part of your Sales, Marketing & Promotion strategies.

Why consider Medifit Films for Video Creation?

Medifit Films is a team of filmmakers and film producers with a decade long experience in Video Production. Be it a Budgeted project or funded, we know how to make every penny count. Given our experience spanning across Ad Films, TV Content, Digital Content, and Feature Films, we have garnered expertise in the areas of Storytelling, Video Production, Digital Promotion, and Audience Engagement. Moreover, since we are producers ourselves, we know the value of money. This is why, our distilled, streamlined video production process ensures, you get maximum value for money. We can deliver high-performance video and optimize ROI with our full-service video production services and solutions.

Let us create unique, engaging, and long-lasting videos for you enabling you to capture your audience, establish your brand, and promote your business. Optimize your performance & enhance company ROI with our full-service video production services and solutions.


Video Content Production Services

For Individuals Talents

Medifit Films believes that this is an era of talents. Whether you are a creative artist or a talented professional, today, you just can’t do without a strong online presence. And videos are the most engaging way to capture the audience and build a personal brand. This service ensures that you focus on your core skills while we handle the rest for you. Be it professional video production, social media promotion, or viral video marketing. We will take care of everything for you.

Music Video Production

Youtube is proof that today, singers, music composers, or lyricists, do not need Talent agents or Production Houses to launch them. Today, you have the key to your destiny. Just log on to the Internet and unleash your talent.

Whether you want to launch yourself as a professional Artist or be part of the Music Industry, music videos add glamour to your portfolio. But as individuals, can you compete with the bigwigs in the music production industry with your music video. Well, if you partner with Medifit, we will ensure, that you create your market. No matter what your end goal is, we can help you with your career.  Whatever your talent is, we can promote you and make you into a Personal Brand.




Fitness Videos

One of the most consumed videos online today is fitness videos. Recent years have seen a surge in Fitness Influencers. Given this scenario, there is no reason why you should stay behind. Whether you are a Fitness Enthusiast, Fitness Expert, Gym Owner, or Life Coach, you will need videos to showcase your skills and talents.

But one video is no longer sufficient to establish a brand. You need to be constantly generating video content to build and grow your audience. We take the stress out of video regular production, so you can focus on doing what you do best. Our services are tailor-made to suit individual requirements.

Talent Videos

Talent scouting has evolved with time and today, Talent Agents do not prefer skimming through plain resume documents. They prefer audio-video content which gives them better insight into you as a person and talent. From aspiring actors to stand-up comic artists. From Painters to Chefs. Today, everyone has a video presence online. And it is only those with a video presence who are making it big in the market. Our team of experts will sit down with you to understand your future vision and chalk out a personal brand strategy that can help you achieve your dream career.

For Independent Professionals

Youtube Videos

Youtube has become the new Google. No matter what you are searching for you will always find a video on the topic. This goes to say, that Youtube Presence has become an absolute must for individual professionals to establish a strong presence in their respective market. A video can achieve what plain simple written content on the website cannot do. It can generate leads, convert sales and facilitate brand building.

Our experts have a track record of helping individual brands soar the sky of success with our YouTube content strategy. From Channel Strategies to Content Ideation. From Video Production to Youtube SEO marketing and even Online Collaborations, we can offer an extensive range of services to suit your requirements.

Explainer Videos

The Internet has become a platform of choice for many self-driven entrepreneurs. It has also become the trusted platform for the audience to research products and services before opting for them. Today’s audience prefers product demos, customer reviews, and professional endorsements to make the purchase decision. A strategically well drawn-out Explainer video can take care of all that to ensure, your products garner maximum visibility online and draw in prospective consumers.

Social Media Videos (Facebook, Instagram Reels, etc)

The year 2020 saw a surge in the Binge culture. Today, audiences spend maximum hours of the day consuming video content. And the rule of the business says, you have to be where the audience is. This is why we have a dedicated service to Social Media Video Content production. The rules of social media video production are different from other kinds of video production. The Social Media audience prefers what is called Snack Content – short, engaging, and entertaining videos. This is why our Social Media Video content strategies are based on years of studies in social media trends and online audience behaviour.

We have distilled our knowledge and expertise to offer an effective tool for you to become a successful social media influencer.

For Brands

CEO Profile Videos (Leadership Videos)

It’s age-old business wisdom, that consumers don’t buy products or services. They buy brands and people they trust. Despite the wave of online business, consumers and investors still prefer to know the person behind the brand. It instils trust, confidence, and assurance in them.

This is why, whether you are an established business or a start-up, just having corporate videos or product videos is no longer sufficient. You need to have well-crafted CEO Profile videos to introduce the person behind the brand.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the stakes for a CEO or a Corporate Leader. We have therefore based our CEO Profile Video strategy on a one-on-one personal interview. We take the time to understand you first before we chalk out a strategy to present you to the world.

We create Leadership Videos for organizations, individuals, professionals that can help you achieve your business goals.

Brand Films

Brand Storytelling is the answer to audience shutting off their minds to advertisements. This is why Brand Storytelling is at the core of our video production strategies. Whether you wish to promote your product and services or establish your brand values, we can enthral and engage your target audience by developing video content based on your Brand Vision.

Our Filmmakers are seasoned storytellers with exposure to ZMET Brand Storytelling Technique. This enables us to ensure that your brand message is not lost in all the chaos of video production. We use your brand vision as a seed to create story concepts based on which the brand videos and brand films are created.

Corporate Videos

For Companies and Brands, video production is not an indulgence but a critical marketing tool. And the amount of investment required to execute a single video production project takes thorough planning and extensive decision making. We understand this concern of yours and hence we offer a transparent project management system throughout the video production process, so you can coordinate feedback, collaborate, and eventually create a video catering to your brand vision.

We produce the highest quality corporate videos, by combining creative storytelling with technical video production expertise. Whatever your video content requirement is we can cater to your specific requirement by offering a wide range of video production services to create different types of videos, including videos shot on-site, live event video, staff training videos, stakeholders briefing videos, and more.


  • Institutional Videos
  • Investor Communications Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Campaign Videos
  • Conference Videos
  • Testimonials Videos
  • Employee Engagement Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Teaser /Promo Videos
  • TV Commercials

Customized/ Economical Budget

Contact Medifit Films for  Customized Film Making budget

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